How To Watch Starz On Kodi?

How To Watch Starz On Kodi?

How To Watch Starz On Kodi?

To watch Starz on Kodi, you can use the Starz add-on. But first, ensure that Kodi is installed on your system. Kodi is a renowned multimedia player with open-source software that enables users to download various digital media, such as music, videos, and podcasts.

It has seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years because of its user-friendly interface and the possibility of adding add-ons or plugins to improve its capabilities. However, STARZ is a premium satellite and cable television network that offers exclusive original programming and numerous popular films and television shows.

The Popularity Of Kodi And STARZ

The Popularity Of Kodi

Kodi is now an extremely sought-after media player because of its user-friendly and customizable features and interface. It has a large user base, including thousands of third-party extensions and plugins to increase its capabilities. The add-ons let users access various digital media content, such as TV shows, movies, sports events, and adult-oriented content.

One of the major reasons for Kodi’s success is the cross-platform support it offers. Kodi is compatible with various operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux, making it available to users across multiple devices. In addition, Kodi’s open-source design lets developers create and improve its capabilities and create a huge collection of add-ons created by users and plugins.

It is crucial to remember that there are only a few third-party extensions and plugins on Kodi that are safe or legal. Certain conditions may allow the ability to access pirated material, which is unlawful and could lead to legal repercussions. It is essential to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before installing any add-ons or plugins to ensure they are secure and legal.

The Popularity Of STARZ

STARZ is a top satellite and cable television channel that provides a wide range of exclusive original programming and famous TV shows and movies. It is accessible to viewers across the United States, Canada, and other countries as a standalone streaming program or as part of a satellite or cable TV package.

One of the major reasons behind the huge popularity of STARZ is the exclusive programming, including the highly regarded “Power,” a drama, and the hit show “Outlander.” As a result, the shows have garnered an enormous following from viewers eagerly waiting for every new episode.

In addition to the exclusive programming, STARZ offers a selection of popular films or TV programs, such as the latest releases and classic ones. The wide range of content appeals to a wide public and ensures something to suit all.

STARZ has also taken steps to increase its audience by allowing its content to be accessed across various streaming platforms, like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, and its own streaming service, which is standalone. This makes it much simpler for consumers to access STARZ content through any platform they like, thereby increasing the popularity of STARZ.

What Do You Need to Know Before Watching STARZ on Kodi?

Before you can watch STARZ on Kodi, consider some things. Even though Kodi is a renowned media player software that permits users to stream a range of media online, such as STARZ, it is crucial to be cautious and ensure that you’re accessing the content legally and safely.

The Legality Of Watching STARZ On Kodi

It is essential to be aware of the legality of streaming STARZ with Kodi. Even though Kodi can be legally used, using third-party plugins and addons that allow access to pirated material is a violation and could lead to legal penalties. This includes gaining access to STARZ content without having a valid subscription.

It is vital to ensure that you’re accessing the content on STARZ legally and using legitimate methods. This is done by subscribing to the official streaming service of STARZ or logging into it via a satellite or cable package that contains access to the STARZ network.

Safe Use Of Kodi

Utilizing Kodi with caution and security is vital to safeguard your privacy and minimize security threats. The most crucial step you can take is to make sure you’re using a trusted and current version of Kodi. Older versions could have security weaknesses that can affect your security and privacy.

In addition, it is essential to exercise caution when installing add-ons or plugins from third parties. Although many of them will increase the functionality of Kodi, some might also include malware or have other security issues. So install addons and plugins from reliable sources and do your research to make sure they’re legal and safe to use.

Reliable Internet Connection

To guarantee a superior experience when viewing STARZ on Kodi, it is vital to be connected to a reliable internet connection. Streaming videos requires a reliable and speedy internet connection. A weak connection could cause interruptions and buffering.

Before you start watching STARZ on Kodi, be sure you have a speedy and steady internet connection. You may want to upgrade your internet plan if you require it and connect the device to your router using the Ethernet cable for a reliable connection.

Compatibility With Your Device

Kodi is compatible with various devices, such as smartphones, desktop computers, or streaming gadgets. So before you start watching STARZ on Kodi, ensure it’s compatible with your device.

In addition, ensure that your device meets the minimum system requirements required by Kodi. This means having a speedy processor, adequate storage capacity, and a compatible operating system. If you do not meet these requirements, it could lead to inefficient performance and poor performance when viewing.

Watching Starz On Kodi

Before watching Starz on Kodi, you’ll have to install the add-on. Here’s how.

Verifying Starz for Compatibility With Kodi

In the beginning, you’ll have to determine whether Starz can be used with your Kodi version. You can check this by going to the Starz website and searching for details about the addon. When it’s compatible with your particular version of Kodi, then you’re good to go.

Adding The Starz Repository To Kodi

The next step is to join the Starz repository on Kodi. To accomplish this, visit the Kodi homepage and choose “Addons” from the main menu. Next, click on Install from repository,” and then click on the “Install from repository” option and select “Starz” from the list of repositories available.

Installing The Starz Addon On Kodi

After you’ve added the Starz repository, you can apply the plugin by choosing it from the list and then clicking “Install.” Kodi will install and download the addon to your device.

After you’ve installed your Starz addon, you’ll need to configure it so you can begin watching your preferred Starz shows and films.

Logging Into Your Starz account

To access Starz content on Kodi, you must sign in with your Starz account. This can be done by selecting the Starz addon on the Kodi main menu, then choosing “Login” from the options menu.

Configuring The Starz Addon For Kodi

After logging in, you can set the Starz add-on according to your preferences. This involves setting up your watchlist, adjusting your preferences, and personalizing the interface of the addon.

Once you’ve installed and configured the Starz addon for Kodi, now is the time to begin watching Starz content.

Navigating Around The Starz Extension On Kodi

To use the Starz add-on on Kodi, use the menu on top to browse categories such as “TV Shows,” “Movies,” “Original Series,” and many more. Additionally, you can use the search feature to search for specific titles or actors.

Browsing Starz Content On Kodi

When you’ve located a show or movie you’d like to see, then click it to get more details about the movie or show. From there, you can add the show to your list of watchlists, browse related content, or start watching.

Playing Starz Content On Kodi

To enjoy Starz content on Kodi, click the title you’d like to stream and click “Play.” The addon will begin streaming the movie or show and allow you to relax in your chair and enjoy the content.

Subscription And Authentication

If you are a STARZ subscriber with a valid subscription to STARZ, it is necessary to authenticate your account before using STARZ content on Kodi. This usually requires logging in using your STARZ account information in the Kodi application.

It is crucial to know that certain satellite and cable TV providers might be unable to allow STARZ to authenticate on Kodi. In this case, you will have to access STARZ content using another platform, for example, a web browser or mobile application.

STARZ Subscription Options

STARZ provides a range of subscription options for viewers who want access to their exclusive programming and the most popular TV shows and movies. The options include standalone streaming subscriptions and access via satellite and cable TV providers.

STARZ Standalone Streaming Subscription

STARZ provides a streaming subscription that lets viewers enjoy all their original programming and famous TV and film shows without a satellite or cable subscription. This service is perfect for those who cut cords or prefer accessing content via streaming services.

The standalone streaming subscription is priced at $8.99 per month. It provides unlimited access to every piece of content on STARZ on at least four different devices at once. Furthermore, STARZ offers a 7-day trial period for new subscribers at no cost, allowing viewers to test the service before signing up for a contract.

Users can access STARZ’s standalone streaming service via their website and other streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Roku.

STARZ Access Through Cable And Satellite TV Providers

Subscribers to a satellite or cable TV package with the STARZ network can access the exclusive programming of STARZ and the most popular TV shows and movies via their TV provider. This is ideal for those who prefer accessing content using their TV service.

The cost of accessing STARZ through satellite and cable TV providers is contingent upon the provider and the package. Some providers provide STARZ in conjunction with their premium packages or include it as an extra to a basic plan.

To access STARZ via their satellite or cable provider, users can turn on the STARZ network or stream STARZ content via the on-demand service offered by their provider.

STARZ App Authentication

Subscribers to STARZ via their satellite or cable provider can also access STARZ content via the STARZ app. In addition, the app allows viewers to view STARZ content from their smartphones or streaming devices.

To access STARZ content using the STARZ app, users must first authenticate their accounts through their satellite or cable TV provider. This usually involves signing into their provider account inside the STARZ app.

It is important to know that not all satellite and cable TV providers can support STARZ account authentication. Users should consult their provider to confirm access to STARZ content via the app.

Alternatives To The STARZ Addon On Kodi

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another alternative to the Starz addon for Kodi. The STARZ channel is accessible through Amazon Prime Video, either as a separate subscription to a channel or as part of the Prime Video Channels membership.

The cost of accessing STARZ via Amazon Prime Video varies depending on the type of subscription. For example, a separate channel subscription costs $8.99 monthly, whereas the Prime Video Channels subscription that includes STARZ is priced at $8.99 per month, in addition to the Prime membership.

Viewers can access STARZ content via Amazon Prime Video. The Amazon Prime Video app is accessible on various devices, including streaming devices, smart TVs, and mobile devices.


Hulu is a different option from Kodi. Hulu is a different alternative to the STARZ addon for Kodi. STARZ content is accessible through Hulu’s premium add-on, which lets users access exclusive STARZ original programming and popular films and TV shows via the Hulu application.

The cost of adding STARZ to your Hulu subscription is based on the type of subscription. The add-on subscription can be purchased for $8.99 per month, in addition to the price of a Hulu subscription. Viewers can access STARZ content via the Hulu app, which is accessible on smart televisions, streaming devices, and mobile devices.


Where can I watch STARZ for free?

Despite the fact that Starz doesn’t currently provide a free trial, customers can sign up for free trials of the network through Hulu, FuboTV, and Amazon Prime Video. Currently, Starz is available for a seven-day free trial on FuboTV, while Hulu and Amazon Prime Video each offer a 30-day free trial that includes it.

Where can i stream STARZ?

The following streaming services provide STARZ if that’s the channel you’re looking for: DIRECTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, Philo, fuboTV, and YouTube TV. Continue reading to learn more about these streaming services.

How can I watch STARZ on Firestick for free?

Scroll to the Apps area on the right from the main Fire TV menu. Look through the Top Subscription Apps for You, No Cable Required, and Alexa Enabled sections for the STARZ app. Get the STARZ app now. Your free trial can be started using your Amazon ID.

How do I watch TV channels on Kodi?

Go to Kodi’s Add-ons > Download > Video Add-ons, choose the add-on you want, and then click Install. While some Kodi add-ons are free, others do require subscriptions in order to view live TV.

Is Starz Play free on Netflix?

The current monthly Netflix subscription rate will also grant subscribers access to the Starz Play service. The agreement greatly expands Netflix’s growing selection of over 12,000 movies and TV episodes that are available for instant streaming.

Is STARZ still free?

Users can subscribe to Starz for $8.99 a month or $74.99 a year, saving around $32 (or 30%), compared to the monthly charge. At the moment, the cost of a Starz subscription is less than that of other premium streaming services like HBO Max, which starts at $9.99 per month with advertisements, and Showtime, which costs $10.99 per month.


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