How to Watch Haikyuu in Order?

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How to Watch Haikyuu in Order?

For the best experience watching Haikyuu in chronological order, it is recommended to start by watching the first season, with 25 episodes. After that, you can also go on to the next season, which has 25 episodes. When you’ve finished Season 2, you can look at the OVA episodes titled “Haikyuu!! : Jump Festa 2014,” “Haikyuu!! : Jump Festa 2015,” “Haikyuu!!: Lev Kenzan!,” and “Haikyuu!! : Tokushuu! Haru-kou Volley tokushuu! Kaketa Seishun.” These episodes provide additional background and things that are related to the characters.

Following the OVAs, there is the option to watch season 3, which includes ten episodes. In the following season, the film “Gekijouban Haikyuu!! Owari to Hajimari” is available to watch. You can then watch four seasons, split into two parts: Haikyuu! To the Top Part 1 and Haikyuu! To the Top Part 2. Each episode consists of 13 episodes. A third film titled “Gekijouban Haikyuu!!: Riku vs. Kuu” takes place following those events in Haikyuu! To the Top, Part 2

What is the main idea of Haikyuu?

Haikyuu is a well-known sports show that has captured the attention of millions of viewers. With its engaging storyline and lively characters, it’s now an absolute favorite for anime fans, sports enthusiasts, and newcomers. If you’re interested in Haikyuu’s world, Haikyuu This guide will give you all the information you need.

Haikyuu is a Japanese manga series and an anime illustrated and written by Haruichi Furudate. It tells the tale of Shoyo Hinata, a high school student who became enthralled with volleyball after watching a championship match on television. Despite his diminutive height, Hinata dreams of becoming an athlete in the sport and is a part of the team at his school.

The storyline and the characters

The show follows Hinata and his fellow teammates as they attempt to be the top volleyball team in Japan. Through the course of the series, they are faced with various obstacles, such as tough competition, personal struggles, and team dynamics. The series is renowned for its emotional and intense match-ups and funny and tender moments.

Haikyuu has several well-rounded and diverse characters. The main character, Hinata, is a committed and determined player who never loses hope despite not being taller. Height. The other characters that stand out are Kageyama, the team’s gifted but obstinate setter; Tsukishima, an intelligent and smart player; and Nishinoya, the team’s enthusiastic and attractive libero.

Themes and the Impact

One of the main reasons Haikyuu is so well-known is the way it explores various themes. The show explores themes like teamwork, perseverance, friendship, and personal growth. The show also tackles more serious issues, including the stress of performing or being mentally healthy, as well as the process of overcoming trauma from the past.

Haikyuu was able to have a major impact on the show’s viewers and the anime industry in general. The show’s popularity has increased the interest of volleyball players and the number of female viewers of anime about sports. The show has also inspired a lot of viewers to follow their passions and overcome personal challenges.

The release order for Haikyuu

Haikyuu is a popular Japanese manga and anime series that has been released in several seasons and arcs. The series follows the story of Hinata Shoyo, a young boy who dreams of becoming a professional volleyball player. Here is the release order for the Haikyuu anime:

Season 1 and Season 2

The initial season of Haikyuu came out in 2014 and contained the first two story arcs in the manga. The series is the story of Hinata and Kageyama as they take on their team in high school volleyball and attempt to be the best volleyball athletes in Japan. This season has 25 episodes and can be a great place to start for viewers who are just beginning their journey.

The second season of Season 2 of Haikyuu was released in 2015 and included the third and fourth story chapters in the comic. The series continues the story of Hinata and Kageyama as they confront new challenges and rivals. The season comprises 25 episodes and is a must-see for all fans who enjoyed the initial season.

Season 3 and OVAs

Season 3 of Haikyuu was released in 2016 and is the fifth story arc in the manga. The third season is shorter than the two previous seasons and comprises only ten episodes. The show will follow Hinata and Kageyama when they play at the National Tournament and square up against the top teams from Japan.

OVAs, also known as animated video originals, are added episodes that are released as separate episodes in the series. Haikyuu offers a number of OVAs that are not essential to the main storyline but give more context and character growth. The OVAs comprise “Lev Genzan!,” “Tokyo Expedition,” “Vs. Failing Grades,” “Land Vs. Sky,” as well as “The Volleyball Way.”

Haikyuu!! Movie 1 and 2: Owari to Hajimari and Shousha to Haisha

The first Haikyuu film was released in 2015 and featured a collection from the initial season. It features scenes from the show and new footage. It’s the perfect way to relive the first season.

The second Haikyuu film was released in 2015 and was an amalgamation of the second series of the animated Much like the first one, it also features scenes from the show and new footage. It is the perfect opportunity to revisit the second season.

Chronological Order

The sequence of events in Haikyuu also summarizes each chapter of the story.

Haikyuu Season 1, Episodes 1–25

Haikyuu’s first series Haikyuu is the first of two story arcs in the manga. It provides the primary characters, such as Hinata, Kageyama, and their co-stars. The story follows their progress when they join their high school volleyball team and strive to become the top athletes in Japan. The season comes to an end with the first official game.

Haikyuu Season 2, Episodes 1–25

The second season of Haikyuu is both the manga’s fourth and third story chapters. It is the story of Hinata and Kageyama in their battle against new enemies and challenges. It introduces new characters and extends the relationship between the main characters. The season ends with the team’s game against their most formidable opponent, Aoba Johsai.

Haikyuu!! Land vs. Sky

“Haikyuu!! Land vs. Sky” is an OVA that follows the episodes of Season 2. The story occurs when they go to a training camp and take on other teams from all over Japan. The OVA isn’t necessary to tell the story, but it adds background and character growth.

Haikyuu Season 3, Episodes 1–10

The third season of Haikyuu is shorter than the first two seasons and has five stories in the manga. The story is the story of Hinata and Kageyama when they play for the championship of national teams and square off with the best teams from Japan. This tournament is famous for its emotional and intense matchups.

Haikyuu To The Top, Part 2, Episodes 1–12

“To the Top, Part 2” is the fourth season of Haikyuu and the eighth and ninth story chapters from the manga. The series picks up right where “To the Top, Part 1” ended as it follows Hinata and the group as they prepare for their spring tournament. Season one’s first 12 shows introduce new adversaries and challenges to Hinata and the team.

Haikyuu to the Top, Part 2, Episodes 13–25

The second part of “To the Top, Part 2” completes season 4 of Haikyuu and includes the 10th and 11th stories in the manga. The series follows the group when they participate in the annual spring tournament and battle some of the most talented players in Japan. This season is renowned for its emotional games and the development of characters.

Are Haikyuu movies CanonHaikyuu to the Top, Part 2, Episodes 13–25

The three Haikyuu films are:

  • “Haikyuu! Movie 1: Owari to Hajimari” Haikyuu! the Film: Beginning and Ending It was released in 2015.
  • “Haikyuu! Movie 2: Shousha to Haisha” Haikyuu! the Film: The Winner and The Loser It was released in 2015.
  • “Haikyuu! Movie 3: Sainou to Sense” Haikyuu! the Film: Talent and the Movie: Talent and It was released in 2017.

The movies, which are an adaptation of the Haruichi Furudate manga, are thought to be canon. They are, however, not necessary to the main plot of the anime or manga and could be considered additional material. The films retell specific stories from the anime and manga but with other perspectives and scenes. Therefore, even though they’re considered canon, they’re not essential to comprehending the basic storyline.

Is the Haiku movie the same as the series?

The Haikyuu films are based on the same characters and story as the anime; however, they’re not identical. The films adapt certain stories and events from the show, but they also feature different perspectives and scenes that were not on the show.

In addition, the films are a condensed version of the anime, with some stories and scenes being cut down or completely removed. If you’re a fan of the Haikyuu show, then the films offer a different experience and perspective on the plot. Still, they’re not necessary for understanding the story’s main storyline.


How many seasons of Haikyuu are there?

Answer: There are four seasons of Haikyuu, each with a different subtitle: Haikyuu!!, Haikyuu!! Second Season, Haikyuu!! Third Season, and Haikyuu!! To The Top.

In what order should I watch Haikyuu?

Answer: The recommended viewing order for Haikyuu is to watch the four seasons in chronological order: Haikyuu!!, Haikyuu!! Second Season, Haikyuu!! Third Season, and Haikyuu!! To The Top.

Are there any Haikyuu movies or OVAs?

Answer: Yes, there are four Haikyuu OVAs and two compilation movies that recap the events of the first and second seasons.

Where can I watch Haikyuu?

Answer: Haikyuu is available to stream on various platforms, including Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu.

Is Haikyuu appropriate for children?

Answer: Haikyuu is rated TV-14, meaning it may not be suitable for young children due to some mild language and suggestive themes.

What is Haikyuu about?

Answer: Haikyuu is a sports anime that follows the story of a high school volleyball team and their journey to become the best in the prefecture, and eventually the country. The series is known for its dynamic and fast-paced animation and its emphasis on teamwork and personal growth.

How many episodes are in each season of Haikyuu?

Answer: The first three seasons of Haikyuu have 25 episodes each, while the fourth season is split into two parts with 13 episodes in the first part and 12 in the second.

Do I need to have any prior knowledge of volleyball to enjoy Haikyuu?

Answer: No, you do not need any prior knowledge of volleyball to enjoy Haikyuu. The series does a good job of explaining the rules and techniques of the sport as the story progresses, making it easy to follow even if you are unfamiliar with the game.


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