How Many Bones Has Jackie Chan Broken In His Career?

How Many Bones Has Jackie Chan Broken In His Career?

How Many Bones Has Jackie Chan Broken In His Career?

Jackie Chan hasn’t specified exactly how many bones he’s broken throughout his career, but he’s put the number at around a dozen. He has sustained various wounds, including fractures to his skull and broken fingers, toes, ribs, and ankles. In his autobiography Never Grow Up, Chan admitted that he has “lost count” of how many times he has been hurt while working.

How Many Fractures Does Jackie Chan Have?

Chan has broken roughly ten bones during his long career. Based on Screen Rant, Rumble in the Bronx, is a scene in which Chan leaps onto the hoverboard. In a scene that ends the credits, it is revealed that Chan fell off the board, which resulted in a fractured ankle.

Jackie Chan’s Stuntwork and Injuries

Jackie Chan’s passion for doing himself in his stunts and challenging the limits of choreography for action is legendary in entertainment. His dedication to creating authentic and thrilling fighting sequences earned him a name among the best action stars around the globe. But the cunning of his stunts is not without inherent dangers, and Chan has been injured in his long career.

Chan’s stunt work often involves complicated, physically challenging, and risky fight sequences. Despite taking all precautions and working with highly skilled stunt managers, mishaps may occur. In the course of Chan’s professional career,he is known to have had around ten fractured bones, which is an indication of the dangers that he is exposed to in his endeavor to deliver real and thrilling action on the screen.

The Broken Ankle Incident

One of the more notable incidents that led to the breaking of a bone in Jackie Chan occurred during “Rumble in the Bronx” filming in 1995. In the film, it is in an episode where Chan does a daring jump onto the hoverboard. When filming the end-credit moment, Chan unfortunately landed incorrectly, resulting in a broken ankle. Even with the injuries, Chan continued to work, showing undying dedication to his profession.

This incident highlights the physical dangers and pitfalls that accompany performing complicated stunts. But it also demonstrates Chan’s strength and determination to be a professional. Despite suffering injuries and setbacks, Chan’s love for his work and dedication to creating unbeatable action scenes never waned. Chan’s ability to conquer obstacles and recover from injuries is testimony to his unwavering determination and commitment to his craft, making him a source of inspiration to his actors and fans alike.

What Injuries Has Jackie Chan Suffered?

This list outlines some of the most severe injuries suffered by the famous stuntman and actor Jackie Chan during his legendary film career. From electric shocks to burned hands and fractured vertebrae to smashed legs and a dislocated sternum, a chin/shoulder bone injury, and knee injuries, a fractured ankle, as a result of his commitment to performing stunning stunts, comes at the expense of his physical body.

Electric Shocks, Burned Hands, and Broken Vertebrae

One of the most severe accidents Jackie Chan endured occurred during the film’s 1986 production, “Armour of God.” In a terrifying incident, Chan suffered electric shocks during a scene that involved an iron prop. The incident caused him to suffer severely burned hands, which caused excruciating suffering and a lengthy journey to healing. Another serious injury occurred while filming “Police Story” in 1985 when he jumped from the balcony of a mall onto the lights of a string. This daring move caused a serious fall that resulted in the breaking of several vertebrae.

These incidents highlight the severe dangers and risks Jackie Chan faces while performing his stunts. His commitment to authenticity in the action scenes he performs frequently requires him to perform risky maneuvers that carry the danger of injury. Despite the immense physical burden of these injuries, Chan’s love for his work and dedication to delivering thrilling performances have not waned.

Crushed Legs, Dislocated Sternum, and More

In his quest for perfection, Jackie Chan continued to put himself through physical challenges and risky stunts, which resulted in more injuries. While filming “Police Story 3: Supercop” in 1992, an aerial stunt went wrong, and a crushed leg injured Chan. The incident required major operations and a long recovery process. In addition, he’s suffered a dislocation of his sternum, a neck/shoulder injury, a chin injury,ury and chin injuries, and a knee injury, as well as an injury to his ankle sustained in other stunts on film.

These injuries are a testament to the severe physical burden that Jackie Chan has endured throughout his professional career. Despite his actions’ dangers and painful consequences, Chan’s commitment to his art and drive to produce awe-inspiring action sequences have never wavered. Chan’s willingness to challenge the limits and place himself at risk to protect his art has established his reputation as a genuine martial arts icon and emblem of commitment and perseverance throughout the entertainment industry.

How Long Was Jackie Chan in a Coma?

The head injury I suffered from Yugoslavia back in 1986 I was so sick for seven days, and people thought I was dead. It taught me that I must be extremely cautious, regardless of whether I’m performing huge stunts or just small ones.

A Near-Fatal Head Injury

While filming an extremely risky scene in “Armour of God,” Jackie Chan endured a terrible accident that caused a severe injury to the head. When performing a stunt that required jumping from a ledge onto the tree’s branch, Chan miscalculated the distance and fell, crashing his head against a rock. The force of the fall led to an injury to the head, which left him in a state of unconsciousness and critical health.

Chan was swiftly transported into the medical facility, and medical experts struggled for his stabilization. For seven painful and long times, Chan remained in a coma, his life at risk of losing it. During this time, people around the globe were waiting with anticipation for news of his condition. There was a fear that he would not be able to make it through the grueling experience. However, his amazing strength and determination, as well as the tireless efforts of the medical team, ultimately helped him through, and he was able to emerge from the condition, though with a long journey towards recovery.

The Impact and Lessons Learned

Being in an inpatient hospital for seven days was an incredibly life-altering experience in Jackie Chan’s life. It brought to light the risks and dangers associated with his work as a stuntman and actor. The incident made him conscious of the fragility of his life and the consequences that could result from his dangerous stunts. He realized that he had to take extreme care and prioritize safety over everything else, no matter how small or big the feat.

After his recovery, Jackie Chan advocated for security in the movie industry. He worked hard to implement the right precautions to safeguard stunt performers and actors in action scenes. Jackie Chan also reformed his method of performing stunts, focusing on safety and meticulous planning to limit risk.

Does Jackie Chan Have a Belt?

He is a Black Belt in Hapkido and has also been trained in Martial Arts styles such as Karate, Judo, Wushu Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and Jeet Kune Do.

The Black Belt in Hapkido

Hapkido is one of the most popular Korean martial arts disciplines and has become famous for its emphasis on self-defense and fluid, circular moves. Jackie Chan immersed himself in the intense training of Hapkido, learning its basic principles and techniques and gaining the prestigious rank of Black Belt. The discipline and accuracy of Hapkido complement Chan’s style and contribute to his seamless integration of different martial arts into his performances.

The Black Belt in Hapkido symbolizes Jackie Chan’s dedication to his journey through martial arts and learning his art of self-defense. It set the stage for his incredible skills and set him on the path toward becoming one of the world’s most acclaimed action and martial arts stars in cinema history.

Diverse Martial Arts Training

Jackie Chan’s curiosity for knowledge and desire to perform authentic performances prompted him to investigate martial arts beyond Hapkido. He believed in the philosophies and methods associated with Karate, Judo, Wushu Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and Jeet Kune Do. Each of these art forms helped to create his lively and unique fighting style, which enhanced his performances and enthralled audiences worldwide.

Karate and Taekwondo gave Chan a powerful strike technique, and Judo improved his throwing and grappling abilities. Wushu Kung Fu added fluidity and grace to his moves, and Jeet Kune Do, the martial arts philosophy created by Bruce Lee, inspired his strategy of self-expression and combat.

Through his years of training in these various martial art forms, Jackie Chan became a multifaceted martial artist, effortlessly blending the elements of these different disciplines to form his unique style. The integration of diverse disciplines enhanced his abilities on screen and established his reputation as an authentic martial arts master.


How many bones has Jackie Chan broken in his career?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Jackie Chan claims to have broken over 200 bones throughout his career due to performing his own stunts in action films.

Has Jackie Chan sustained any serious injuries due to these bone fractures?

Yes, Jackie Chan has sustained several serious injuries, including broken ribs, fingers, toes, nose, and even a dislocated pelvis, as a result of his high-risk stunt work.

Does Jackie Chan still perform his own stunts despite the risks?

As of my last update, Jackie Chan continues to perform many of his own stunts, although he has scaled back some of the riskier actions as he has gotten older.

What makes Jackie Chan’s stunt work unique compared to other actors?

Jackie Chan is known for performing intricate and acrobatic stunts, often incorporating comedic elements into his action sequences, which sets him apart from many other actors in the genre.

How does Jackie Chan prioritize safety during stunt work?

While Jackie Chan takes calculated risks for the sake of realism in his films, he also emphasizes the importance of safety on set. He works closely with his stunt team and uses various safety measures and equipment to minimize risks.

Has Jackie Chan’s stunt work earned him any recognition or awards?

Yes, Jackie Chan’s contributions to the film industry and his groundbreaking stunt work have earned him various awards and accolades, including the Academy Honorary Award in 2016 for his achievements in film.


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